Sunday, 28 July 2013

80's Revival: Hair Crimping

For some, the words 'hair crimping' connjur images of big, frizzy, 80's disasters. So it's only natural that some  of us are weary of the crimper.

However, with the right technique, products and styling, a hair crimper can be used to help create texture, volume and definition. For a moden twist on the crimped hair look:

Step 1: Brush hair and apply heat protectant

Step 2: Section off hair and crimp around 30% of your hair. Spread your crimping out from the bottom layers to the top

Step 3: Use a straightener or curling iron to add additional texture to some of the 'non crimped' areas if required

Step 4: If required, use a paddle brush to lightly brush areas for a softer look.

Step 5: Apply hairspray and texturising spray. Option to style in a pony or messy bun

You can pick up a crimper such as the VS Sassoon Total Style Crimper at Big W, Target and Priceline.

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