Monday, 28 May 2012

Face of Zukoh Photoshoot

For those who don't follow us on Facebook, last week we announced Kaiya Johnson the winner of our next Face of Zukoh model search.

 On Sunday I was luck to collaborate with Sarah from Grafiklab, Styling by Leigh, Glamour Dollz Makeup Artistry and Kaiya for the photoshoot which was part of the overall prize.

Here are some behind the scenes shots (plus a sneak peek at one of the final shots).

Mayday Floral Dress $59 click to purchase

Can't wait to show you the rest of them!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ashleigh - Poison in a Beautiful Bottle

Check out ultra-stylish fashion blogger Ashleigh from Poison In a Beautiful Bottle wearing our popular sequin top!

We think it looks absolutely gorgeous on her and as usual her style is impeccable! 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Without a doubt, shoe girl.

I am definitely a shoe girl. When I see a pair of shoes that I want, I fall and I fall hard. It goes like this; I pace the store, eyes darting the shelves. I scan quickly but thoroughly - then I see it. THE shoe. I grab the shoe in question, hold it close to my chest and start to imagine the outfits I could wear. Once my excitement settles down (yes, my heart does race), I try them on and I'm gone. That's it. I MUST buy them. Price tag, what price tag?

Now that I have set context for this blog I want to share with you the BARGAIN I got over the weekend. I haven't worn boots for a couple of years.. but it's all going to change with these babies.

Tony Bianco - Aviate

Only $56. No brainer. About 70% of my "nice" shoes are Tony Bianco and I'm yet to be let down. Whilst in the store I also spotted these:

Tony Biano - Karissa

Unfortunately I am doing this thing called "saving", so I had to abstain....until now. Muhaha. So today, after days of Googling coupon codes, determined to find a ripper deal I managed to get my hands on a 30% promo code. I saved $50. Oh yes, I bought these too.

Over the same weekend I spotted these:

Wittner - Cookies

Normally I walk straight past this style of shoe... but something about it caught my eye. You just can't deny these feelings. You can't choose love. It chooses you. So I tried them on. Visions of me and these Cookies raced through my mind. They are next on my list of things to buy...

Along with these:

River Island 

Similar to the Karissa's but neon yellow... oh.. you better believe I'm coming for you.