Thursday, 24 May 2012

Without a doubt, shoe girl.

I am definitely a shoe girl. When I see a pair of shoes that I want, I fall and I fall hard. It goes like this; I pace the store, eyes darting the shelves. I scan quickly but thoroughly - then I see it. THE shoe. I grab the shoe in question, hold it close to my chest and start to imagine the outfits I could wear. Once my excitement settles down (yes, my heart does race), I try them on and I'm gone. That's it. I MUST buy them. Price tag, what price tag?

Now that I have set context for this blog I want to share with you the BARGAIN I got over the weekend. I haven't worn boots for a couple of years.. but it's all going to change with these babies.

Tony Bianco - Aviate

Only $56. No brainer. About 70% of my "nice" shoes are Tony Bianco and I'm yet to be let down. Whilst in the store I also spotted these:

Tony Biano - Karissa

Unfortunately I am doing this thing called "saving", so I had to abstain....until now. Muhaha. So today, after days of Googling coupon codes, determined to find a ripper deal I managed to get my hands on a 30% promo code. I saved $50. Oh yes, I bought these too.

Over the same weekend I spotted these:

Wittner - Cookies

Normally I walk straight past this style of shoe... but something about it caught my eye. You just can't deny these feelings. You can't choose love. It chooses you. So I tried them on. Visions of me and these Cookies raced through my mind. They are next on my list of things to buy...

Along with these:

River Island 

Similar to the Karissa's but neon yellow... oh.. you better believe I'm coming for you.

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