Saturday, 15 October 2011

DIY - Revamping a Clutch

So last week I stumbled across this great DIY idea from I Spy DIY.This is a fantastic way to re-vamp a tired looking clutch  - or anything for that matter.

Step 1: Identify your old clutch and pick up a can of gold aerosol paint from your local hardware store. Bunnings stock a brand named Dymark which is available in gold and silver.

Step 2: Tape up your clutch to get a clean line and ensure the paint doesn't bleed.

Step 3: Lay down a protective surface and start spraying. Remember to shake the can thoroughly beforehand to ensure the colour is nice and even. Refer to the instructions on the back of the can.

Step 4: Let the paint dry then peel of the masking tape.

I now feel compelled to but a can of metallic pain to have in case of 'feel creative' emergencies.

Source: I Spy DIY

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  1. I've made some clutches and will post them onto my blog soon to giveaway! love this idea.